Let's make Korea greener together

Sweden+Korea Green Transition Alliance

The transition to a greener future is an existential global requirement, and it is a key priority for both Sweden and Korea.

Team Sweden, represented by the Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden in Korea, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and the Swedish member companies, strongly support South Korea’s commitment to Net zero 2050, as it is an important step for the country towards an increasingly green and sustainable future.

The Swedish experience has shown that green growth combined with innovations is a winning strategy, both for the climate and the economy. Achieving a reduced carbon footprint while in parallel growing GDP is not only possible but necessary for future-proof industries across the world and the first movers gains a competitive edge.

By signing the Mission Statement and joining the Sweden+Korea Green Transition Alliance, the member companies have committed to individual carbon reduction pledges and to work with Korean partners to:

  • Take action: Assess environmental risks and opportunities and commit to actions that support South Korea’s transition to a green and carbon-neutral society
  • Co-create: Identify obstacles and mutual pathways for implementing innovative solutions that will advance sustainability across major sectors
  • Raise ambitions: Inspire bold action to bring forward South Korea’s target to become a carbon-neutral economy before 2050

This is a triple-helix initiative where the private sector leads the way. It has already happened in Sweden, and we want to encourage Korea to do the same. We welcome dialogues to cooperate and co-create with Sweden, to reach a carbon-neutral society before 2050!

Let's make Korea greener together!